MEALsource featured in 2015/2016 Ontario Local Food Report

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Ontario Government has released the 2015/2015 edition of its Local Food Report, which charts the province’s progress in bringing local food to more tables across the province.  We are proud to share an excerpt from the report, in which MEALsource was featured as one of the province’s Success Stories:
“… local food is on the menu for more and more patients across the province, thanks to Brantford-based MEALsource. Recognized in 2012 as a Greenbelt Fund Local Food Champion, the non-profit is helping Ontario farmers and distributors gain market access to public sector institutions. Each year, the group-buying program facilitates $16 million* worth of local food purchases for 33 health-care food service operations across Ontario. MEALsource is now joining forces with VG Meats, a meat producer-processor in Simcoe and winner of the 2015 Premier’s Award for Agri-food Innovation Excellence. Together, they are bringing protein-packed beef — produced and processed locally — to MEALsource members across the province, maximizing the value of public procurement.”
Editor’s note: MEALsource’s actual local spend is $2.8 M. $16M represents the program’s total contract value.

Read the full 2015/2016 Ontario Local Food Report