Newly launched Nourish program aims to shape the future of food in healthcare

Thursday, February 2, 2017




MEALsource is proud to announce their participation in the launch of Nourish, an innovative peer-based leadership program connecting health institutions from across the country to explore opportunities to achieve a more sustainable, resilient and nourishing food culture within healthcare. This initiative is funded through the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation. A cohort of 25 representatives from organizations across the country will participate in Nourish for two years, learning to: 

Make strategic, mission-aligned decisions amid budgetary pressures
  • Get cost-neutral wins for more local sustainable, healthy foods
  • Write RFPs and contracts to source food more strategically
  • Build more responsive relationships with local producers and value chains
  • Integrate sustainable foods into existing contracts
  • Better engage their staff and leadership teams
  • Develop evidence for the impact of food on health and communities
  • Use food to develop activities that forge links with the broader community

As an advisor to Nourish, MEALsource contract specialist Wendy Smith will provide support by guiding design and delivery of the program.  Wendy will also play a mentoring and coaching role, which will entail sharing her own experiences in progressive procurement, and supporting others in their learning, goal-setting and development. 

“We are thrilled to be included in this diverse and forward-thinking group of experts for institutional foodservice in healthcare. I know that we will learn as much, if not more than we will share,” says Wendy. “MEALsource is particularly eager to draw from the experiences of the Francophone and Indigenous participants and mentors, and the opportunity to share our learnings with our membership.” 

Hayley Lapalme is Program Designer/Facilitator for Nourish, and has previously partnered with MEALsource through the 3P (Public Purse Procurement) Program.  “Nourish is bringing diverse talents together to reimagine the potential of institutional food, and to connect a cohort of innovators with peers and mentors who are already starting to blaze those trails,” says Hayley, adding, “It’s a real asset to have MEALsource’s support. Their deep knowledge and experience, as well as the tremendous institutional memory that Wendy brings as a coach and mentor, will be a great asset to the program.”

To learn more about Nourish and the many ways to be involved, visit their website: