The easiest procurement process for well-defined, less complex capital equipment

The reCAP process offers a sophisticated and robust procurement capability that is easy to use, and has a short turnaround time.

What reCAP offers you:

  • A fast and efficient procurement process
  • An annual schedule based on Member's needs
  • Uses Bonfire's digital evaluation tool to streamline your decision making process
  • Aggregates volumes on a national scale to obtain optimal value
  • Standardized terms and conditions
  • An easy way to complete your purchase - a purchase order and a one-page signed document is all that's required to complete the contract

Product Categories:

Bladder Scanners Housekeeping Equipment Minor Equipment, Miscellaneous Respiratory, Diagnostics
Carts Incubators, Infant Monitors, Fetal Respiratory, Therapuetic
Cautery / Smoke Evacuation Infusion Pumps (Stand-alone) Monitors, Oximetry / Vital Signs Scopes (Flexible)
Defibrillators Laboratory Equipment (Minor) Nutrition Equipment Scopes (Rigid)
Drills/Saws Lasers Pharmacy (Minor) Sterilizers / Washers
Electrodiagnostics Lifts (Portable) Physio Equipment Surgical Tables
Fume Hoods Lights, Exam (Portable) Radiology (Minor)  Warming Equipment
Furniture (Office and Healthcare Seating) Microscopes Refrigeration / Freezers  Wheelchairs